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What is Heavy Duty Towing?

Towing is one of the most vital services for motorists on the road. While there are various types of towing, each is designed for a specific purpose. Considering that there are different types and sizes of vehicles running on the roads, it is no wonder that towing also comes in different shapes and sizes. One of the most specialized and often requested types of tow truck services is heavy-duty towing. This post will consider what heavy-duty towing is and all you need to know about it. 

What is meant by heavy-duty towing?

Heavy-duty towing entails moving and transporting too heavy or too large vehicles for conventional towing service. This method of towing can sometimes be dangerous because of the size and weight of these vehicles, which is why service providers use specialized equipment to ensure safety. 

How does heavy-duty towing differ from light-duty towing?

Light-duty towing involves taking care of and transporting smaller vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and vans. On the other hand, heavy-duty towing services involve moving large trucks often used for commercial purposes. These larger vehicles can be difficult or impossible to move without a heavy-duty towing truck.

What kind of vehicles require heavy-duty towing?

There is no definitive answer as to what vehicles require heavy-duty towing. In general, however, any vehicle that is too large or too heavy for a conventional tow truck will need the specialized services of a heavy-duty tow truck. Some typical examples of these types of vehicles include:

-Buses and large trucks

-Heavy machinery and equipment such as forklifts and cranes.


-Garbage trucks

-Dump trucks

-Large boats 

This is not exactly an exhaustive list of the vehicles that require heavy-duty tow trucks, but it gives you at least a good idea of what kind of vehicles may be too big for a conventional tow truck. 

What type of vehicles are used for heavy-duty towing?

There are a few different types of tow trucks that can be used for heavy-duty tows. The most common include: 

Boom truck

This is a large truck equipped with a large metal arm or crane that can lift and move larger vehicles. It has a towing capacity of up to 60,000 pounds and can perform heavy-duty tow services. 

Tow trucks with a low-boy trailer (semi)

These tow trucks come equipped with a specially designed semi-trailer that it uses for hauling larger vehicles such as semis or large trucks. It has the capacity of transporting objects up to 300,000 pounds. 

Wrecker truck with a rotator arm

This is another type of tow truck equipped with a specialized rotating metal crane called the wrecker boom. It can rotate in any direction, enabling it to transport large trucks or other types of trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 200 tons (180 tonnes) weight. 

These are the most common types of tow trucks used for heavy-duty tow. If you have a large or heavy vehicle that needs moving, it’s best to consult with your local towing company to see if they offer a heavy-duty tow truck. 

What are the dangers of heavy-duty towing?

As mentioned earlier, one of the dangers of heavy-duty vehicles is the size and weight of the vehicles involved. There is a real danger of accidents with improperly trained or equipped operators. This can range from damaging the tow truck itself to damaging other vehicles or even injuring people. Another danger is that some types of heavy-duty trucks may leak hazardous materials such as oil, gas, and chemicals. In this case, the last thing you want is for these fluids to seep into water sources, which can have disastrous effects on the environment. 

That is why it is so important that only qualified professionals handle heavy-duty tow services. Only properly licensed and trained professionals are allowed on the scene if you need such specialized services. It is also important that everyone involved abides by safety protocols when handling these huge vehicles because there is always a risk involved. 

Is heavy-duty towing expensive?

The cost of heavy-duty towing can vary depending on several factors. Generally speaking, it is more expensive than light-duty towing because it requires specialized equipment and personnel. Not to mention the risky nature of the maneuver involved. So if you find yourself in a situation where you need to have a large or heavy vehicle towed, be prepared to pay a bit more than for your average light-duty tow job.

Why is heavy-duty tow necessary?Heavy Duty Towing Provider Federal Way

The benefits of heavy-duty tow trucks are mainly safety-related. There is less risk for accidents and injuries with properly trained and equipped operators. Heavy-duty tow also allows for transportation of larger and heavier vehicles that would otherwise not be moved using light-duty tow truck services. This makes heavy-duty towing services essential for those vehicles that can be too large and heavy for a standard tow truck. Heavy-duty also gives operators better control over such huge vehicles. 

Do all tow services offer heavy-duty towing?

Not all tow services offer heavy-duty tow trucks. It is essential to consult with your local towing service to see if they provide this specialized service. If not, they may recommend a reputable towing company that does. 

Need Specialized Towing?

If your big rig breaks down on the side of the road and you need emergency tow services, our dispatchers are ready for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have a complex job that needs expert towing recovery services, we can work with you to find a towing solution with our heavy-duty tow trucks. When you need a towing service you can trust, you can call NFS Towing, and we will get you to your destination safely!

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What is Heavy Duty Towing?

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