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The 3 Most Unsafe Places to Wait for Roadside Assistance

Car troubles come when we least expect them and can leave us stranded on the side of a highway or road. It can be extremely stressful and frightening at times, especially during the evening hours. Whether you’re on your way to work, the grocery store, or a family gathering – it’s always handy to keep an emergency roadside assistance number in your phone. Some areas can be dangerous to wait for a towing truck driver! This blog will cover some places you should avoid when waiting for roadside assistance.

Outside the car on the highway

One of the worst places for your car to break down is a busy highway. If you must call for assistance, try to get off the road as soon as possible and wait inside your car at a safe distance from traffic until help arrives. It’s even worse when you decide to wait outside the vehicle out of impatience. The risk of getting hit by a speeding vehicle or a distracted driver is not worth it! The best thing to do is stay in your car with the seat belt on until help arrives. 

On the road

You’re driving on the highway, and all of a sudden, you feel like something is wrong with your car. What do you do? It can be incredibly dangerous to stop on the side of the road near oncoming traffic. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you’re also putting other drivers at risk. Always try to pull off the road and away from traffic as soon as possible if you feel like something is wrong with your car. Find a safe spot to park and call for help. You can also try to find someone to help you push your vehicle off the roadway. If none of these options are possible for any reason, wait inside your car for the tow truck to arrive.

In an area with no lighting or people

If it’s dark outside, make sure your car is visible by turning on all of its lights before calling for assistance. Make sure to remain in your vehicle until the tow truck arrives. This will ensure you remain safe until help arrives.

Where should I wait for roadside assistance?

If you have the opportunity to decide where to park before your vehicle breaks down, be sure to note the following as you wait for roadside assistance: 

Park on the right shoulder of the road

Most highways are designed with the shoulder on the right side of the road for this reason. This gives you a chance to stay out of the way of oncoming traffic and keep your car visible. 

Park in a well-lit area

Ensuring your vehicle is visible while you wait for roadside assistance is crucial, especially at night. Parking in a well-lit area will help other drivers on the road notice your vehicle and avoid hitting it. 

Park close to the curb

After parking, make sure not to block any driveways or lanes of traffic. This will ensure you don’t inconvenience other motorists on the road while waiting for your towing company. 

Stay inside your car with the seat belt on

When you’re waiting for roadside assistance, it’s best to stay inside your car with the seat belt on and avoid getting out of the vehicle. This will ensure your safety while waiting for your towing/roadside assistance provider. 

Why should I get roadside assistance coverage?

If you are someone who tends to need roadside assistance or towing services quite often, a roadside assistance plan might be right for you! Most of them are extremely affordable and will save you in emergencies like these! Some of the roadside assistance benefits: 

Prompt help when you need it most

Depending on your membership, you can call for a tow truck driver or have someone come to jump-start your car. Either way, you’re not left stranded on the side of the road. 

A wide range of services included

Roadside assistance memberships usually cover a variety of services like towing, changing a flat tire, fuel delivery, and jump-starting a car. This means you can always expect to be rescued no matter the emergency.

Peace of mind while on the road

If you’re worried about breaking down in an unfamiliar area, a roadside assistance membership will give you peace of mind. Knowing that help is only a phone call away can make any drive less stressful. 

It saves you time and effort

Waiting for the roadside assistance company to come to your car can be extremely time-consuming. With a roadside assistance membership, you can cut down on the amount of time you spend waiting and get back on the road as quickly as possible.

It is cost-effective

Roadside assistance memberships can be highly cost-effective and can save you a lot of money down the road. Plus, many roadside assistance providers offer add-on services like locksmithing that can save you even more money in emergencies. 

How much will I pay for road assistance membership?Emergency Towing Provider In King County

The price of a roadside assistance membership will vary depending on the roadside assistance provider and the type of services you choose. Generally, they are very affordable and can be even cheaper with special offers or coupons that some providers offer.

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The 3 Most Unsafe Places to Wait for Roadside Assistance

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